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What’s The Goal Of Social Media Marketing For Dental Practices?

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How often are you bombarded with social media offers by marketing agencies?

For some dental practices — the onslaught of social media marketing offers is never-ending. Don’t worry — for the most part, you can handle your own social media stuff (or at the very least, you can understand what to outsource).

Today, in a guest post by, we’re going to cover the absolute must-know dental marketing social media marketing tricks.

First Off, What’s the Point?

Look at social media as another marketing channel. It’s another venue for you to connect with potential patients and build a relationship. What’s the value? A stronger relationship with patients (and your local community) means more referrals, more patients, and a stronger practice.

The other reason social media is so important: If you aren’t showing up in relevant social media communities, it’s very likely you are missing out on inbound leads. Essentially, you could have potential patients looking for your practice on places like Facebook, and if your practice doesn’t have a page… it’s very likely that they’ll be connected with the next most-relevant page (your competition!).

How To Get Started With Social Media In 15 Minutes Or Less

As we just pointed out — at the very least, you need to show up when people search for your practice. That’s just minimizing lost patients — and there’s actually an entire proactive side to social media marketing as well. So first off, head over to Facebook, Twitter, any larger online community for your local area, and even Youtube (if you’re willing to produce video content), and create a profile.

It doesn’t need to be anything extensive or complex. Just add your basic information, a photo or two, and link to some relevant content (this could even be blog posts or other content on your website).

Now you’re at least going to show up for brand-name queries, when people search out your practice on these sites.

Step 2: Get into the game.

If you’ve been following social media trends blog over the past few years, you know how important it is to have a “voice” in relevant online communities.

The same way you might sponsor a local baseball game, charity 5k run, or other event… you need to participate in online communities if you want to reap the rewards. Have someone from your office (even if this is for one hour a day or less), participate on local forums, produce micro-content for Facebook/Twitter (this could be posting links to dental articles), and keep your pages updated.

Hint: Want to kickoff your social media marketing with a bang? Advertise your pages in the office. Ask people to connect with you on these various sites. That way, when you start producing content, you’ll have a small following to help start the promotion of your content.

As long as you’re producing content for your audience that they enjoy — and are willing to share — you’ll get some organic growth from social media. This could be in the form of people “liking” an article you post, tweeting a link to a funny picture or blog post on your site, or sharing a Youtube video you post with your friends.

To summarize:

  • Take part in your local online communities
  • Let people know (send an email blast, post flyers, in person)
  • Ask for help from your current patients (Get some initial shares, page “likes,” etc.)

Social media marketing doesn’t need to be complicated — especially for a local dental practice where competition is minimal — just “be helpful” in this new digital way… and people will be sure to reciprocate.