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How Sunlight Can Benefit Your Health

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Have you always wondered how true it is, that sunlight can improve your health greatly? There is no doubt that being out on a sunny day usually makes us feeling more cheerful, lifting our spirits no matter what else is going on. However, there is evidence gathered that indicates that the sun’s rays can do more than make us feel better emotionally.

Don’t Always Put on Sunscreen

This is probably contrary to what every doctor and your parents and grandparents have ever told you. Think about it this way – if you want to have positive effects from the sun, you will want some of it to absorb into your skin. A good tip is to go out for maybe 15 minutes a day without having any sunscreen on. This may just be lounging in your backyard, or taking a walk to your neighborhood pool or store. Also, you do not want to be completely covered by clothing. This way, your body can use the sunlight to make Vitamin D, which many individuals are deficient in today.

Lowering of Cholesterol and Blood Pressure

You just may end up having a lower blood pressure and cholesterol level when you spend more time out in the sunshine. This is because certain hormones are produced, while people who do not venture out on a sunny day likely will have the hormones turn into cholesterol.

Immune Boost for the Win

It is said that lymphocytes (or white blood cells that make up the immune system), increase in the body when someone is out in the sun for longer periods of time. In turn, this helps him or her to fight off disease and infections easier.

Improving the Skin

We all know how pesky it can be to developing acne and other skin issues. If this is something that you experience, you probably can get quite frustrated. It does not need to be that way.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that UV rays can help to repair psoriasis, acne, and various other skin problems. Give it a chance, and you very well may be surprised by the results. Of course, you should speak to a dermatologist about this to determine if it may help you.

Oxygen Helper

The sun can provide a great benefit to someone when it comes to delivering oxygen to their blood. It also is instrumental in improving the ability to deliver oxygen to tissues in the body.


Make sure that you plan for some relaxing, fun time in the sun, no matter what time of year it is and the climate in which you live. Your mood and body will thank you!