The Physical Biology of Erections

Those men who carefully investigate the whole process of gaining an erection may realize through their introspective observations that the seemingly simple process of gaining and sustaining an erection arises out of a massive complex of co-operative and interdependent factors. Visual cues, imaginative fancies, psychological processes, tactile stimulation and biological machinery all combine in the most marvelous fashion to produce an upstanding member.

Certainly, the whole process is complex and multi-layered; and, as a result of this apparent complexity it can be extremely difficult to pinpoint a central, efficient cause to explain a man’s difficulty in achieving a satisfactory erection. …

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Evening Primrose Boosts Your Health

Evening primrose oil is taking the beauty world by storm. It turns out that there are numerous advantages to taking this oil, including improving acne. Some of these uses have not been proven with studies. However, countless people continue to make it a part of their regimen. It has been a part of history, as it was used by many cultures (though found to be native to North America and Europe). Native American individuals used the roots, seeds, and seedpods to treat many issues and ailments, including skin issues and wounds. Find out more about this amazing oil that comes …

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Sunlight health

How Sunlight Can Benefit Your Health

Have you always wondered how true it is, that sunlight can improve your health greatly? There is no doubt that being out on a sunny day usually makes us feeling more cheerful, lifting our spirits no matter what else is going on. However, there is evidence gathered that indicates that the sun’s rays can do more than make us feel better emotionally.

Don’t Always Put on Sunscreen

This is probably contrary to what every doctor and your parents and grandparents have ever told you. Think about it this way – if you want to have positive effects from the sun, …

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Food Alternatives in Party Planning for People Who Are Vegan or Vegetarian

Do you know the difference between vegan and vegetarian dishes? Your next party will be awesome if you first learn about vegan vs. vegetarian foods to please your guests.

Veganism is when someone eliminates all animal products from his or her diet, including dairy of all types. Someone may become a vegan due to their moral conviction, health issues or some other reasons. It is seen as being a real extreme diet, but it has shown significant improvements overall for the millions of individuals who have dedicated themselves to this goal and lifestyle.

Vegetarianism means the person does not eat …

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Social Media Dental Practice

What’s The Goal Of Social Media Marketing For Dental Practices?

How often are you bombarded with social media offers by marketing agencies?

For some dental practices — the onslaught of social media marketing offers is never-ending. Don’t worry — for the most part, you can handle your own social media stuff (or at the very least, you can understand what to outsource).

Today, in a guest post by, we’re going to cover the absolute must-know dental marketing social media marketing tricks.

First Off, What’s the Point?

Look at social media as another marketing channel. It’s another venue for you to connect with potential patients and build a relationship.

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Who Would Be a Good Candidate for Invisalign

Are you considering getting braces, or have you had a dentist recommend that you have them placed on your teeth? Regardless of your stage in the whole process, it is not too late to learn about a more attractive option – Invisalign.

The Basics About Invisalign

As an alternative to the more traditional metal braces, Invisalign is now being chosen by more teens and young adults. These clear braces have more of an aesthetic appeal than the metal ones. If you are someone who does not want to deal with the shiny, often dreaded metallic braces, you may want to …

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Alkaline Diet

Try an Alkaline Diet to Feel Better

The alkaline diet has been increasing in popularity in recent years. You may not even have heard about it, but it is something that is easily implemented as you try out a few tasty recipes. The following are things that are simple to make and delicious, so it should make it easy on you to make the switch if you feel so inclined. If you decide you would like to go even further and make it into a steady diet, there is plenty of information online that you can research. Basically, an alkaline diet will help you to change your …

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